highest concentration of BARRICADES in the country

Steel crowd control barricades (30-60 pounds each)

Standard 6.5ft or 8ft silver barricades are all purpose great for outdoor parades, festivals, and rallies.

Black 6.5ft or 8ft barricades have spandex jackets and cloth sandbags, making them great for classy events. 

Heavy 6.5ft silver barricades are best for construction or longer duration crowd control.

*approved in the county of SF, Alameda, Marin, Santa Clara, and Monterey

water walls/jersey barricades (2k pounds or 1 ton)

6ft long water walls in orange and white. *approved in the city of San Francisco

MP5000 delta scientific cRASH BARRICADE (K4 & L1 CERTIFIED)

16 ft long portable, rapid deployment vehicle barricade

*certified by U.S. Department of State

Retractable stanchions/stansa barricades (15 pounds each)

7' and 10' retractable belts available. Only black available.

Sometimes called Tensa barriers. Available for indoor and outdoor use.