The Tri-Cal Rentals Division offers a wide range of equipment that companies need to host safe and successful events. Below is a general-list of items that we have available.

  • Barricades (AKA: Police/Crowd Control/Type 2) For blocking roads, parking areas, etc from vehicle access (6.5' silver, 8' white, 6.5' black, 8' black)
  • 12ft Bike Racks - that holds about 8-10 bikes comfortably
  • Delineators (Post and Base) -For general course marking, equipment protection, etc.
  • Cones-18’ Day Cone, 28” Day Cone & 28” Night Cone
  • Mesh Fencing -For crowd control and defining area such as finish chutes, transition areas, storage, and staff restricted areas -Comes in a roll
  • "A" Frames -To assist with directing traffic or posting spectator information (available with or without lights)
  • Generators (2k, 6500, 10k, 60k)
  • CMS Signs (Message Boards on trailers for traffic control messages on streets, roads and highways)
  • Sandbags to anchor any of these bike racks on windy days
  • Traffic Signal/Stop Light - For keeping vehicles off certain parts of the course or closed roads.
  • Assorted Street and Marathon Signs
  • Inflatable Arch Omni Structures -Inflatable structures for start lines, finish lines, expo entrances or miscellaneous locations (- Large: 30’ wide by 16’ tall, Small: 16’ wide by 14’ tall
  • Truss Structure: start arch, finish arch, or mile markers
  • Water Croaks and Stanchions (7' and 10') 
  • Cord ramps (to protect pedestrians from loose cords and hoses at events)
  • CALL us if you need an item related to event planning. Or inquire about a WAREHOUSE tour (especially if you're planning a larger event).