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Travis Ervin

Coming from over 15 years of event planning experience with Tri-California and city planning from his previous consulting business he brings valuable GIS and technology skills to TC Rentals.  Graduate of Cal Poly and resident of the Bay Area, he loves being part of seeing celebrations come to life through our products and services.


Cynthia Yeh

Also with over 10 years of event planning experience with Tri-California events, with TCR she focuses on marketing and project coordination. Having traveled around the world and driven horizontally across the USA, she loves adventures, which correlates perfectly with the event planning world.  

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Eliot Davis

Growing up in the event world, his background brings years of understanding on how to problem solve on fly. His personality to take care of his crews and be part of the team by walking the talk makes his supervisor skills a key element to TC Rentals.  He loves celebrating a Giants and Warrior win with the best of them.