Sustainable solution for water on course as well as any festival venue

Sustainable solution for water on course as well as any festival venue


Water Monster - Decrease Your Event's impact

FACTS about this product: 

  • Each container has a 125 gallon capacity

  • And in most cases, this is an effective idea compared to providing individual closed water containers

  • Now you have exciting options such as icing your water, or mass producing electrolytes or coffees (note: you produce these liquids using separate containers - because we only allow water in our Water Monsters)

  • At festivals, people can help themselves as there are six serving nozzles surrounding each unit

  • Also, each unit is equipped with two large vales which is helpful for refilling and rapid flow needs 

  • And to do the math, 1 Water Monster provides 16oz to 1,000 participants. 

  • So if you're intrigued by this concept, contact us to learn more!



Each contains 125 gallons (800 water bottles)

Refills can be a nearby water truck, or you can be hooked to a potable water source (meaning infinite water without delivery into your venue)

Unused water must be disposed at site

Water can be contaminated if the lid isn't effectively locked or monitored

Self Serve or Venue Serve

Impact: unused water



Each contains 20 oz (0.00125 of a water monster)

Refills means a separate order and delivery of water on pallets (you'll need a shaded storage center, or vehicle entering your venue)

Unused water can be saved for your next event

Difficult to contaminate each individual water bottle

Self Serve

Impact: the bottles




Rent a Water Monster and provide participants branded reusable bottles!

800 branded 20oz bottles per 1 Water Monster